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ABAGADA. An interactive exhibition about Hebrew. Beit Hatfutsot museum, Tel Aviv

Twenty-two exhibits, as the number of letters in hebrew, allow visitors to play in group activities and learn the language’s phenomena, rules, and innovations—the studio made the conceptual and detailed exhibit and hall design, including supervision and fabrication management.


In collaboration with the curators Tamar Hadar and Efrat Adiv.

Interactive media design and exhibition production by Breeze Creative.

Illustrations by Eitay Riechert

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Letters conveyor. An assembly exhibit for a dynamic team. Each user has a role, and everything happens independently and without guidance. There are the children who compose words along the conveyor belt, there are those who collect the letters and help fill the conveyor belt, and there are also counselors…

Tower of Babel. An assembly exhibit. Allows a group of users to try to create a joint activity in assembling a three-dimensional puzzle built from words from different languages

Marry go round. A carousel exhibit for four participants. A joint game that requires changing roles. In the center, a screen connected to a fixed table created a session between the participants that required a change of parts every few minutes. The surrounding structure rotates and allows a shift in position.

Catch-up letters. An interactive game allows children to catch letters in a system guided by a computer surveillance camera and a projector.

Zelango machine. A game on both sides of a wall, which allows two participants to send each other messages in sign language only.

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