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Gat. Kiryat gat city entrance fountain

The fountain’s design was at the request of the municipality of Kiryat Gat, at a roundabout that connects the old city and a large new neighborhood in advanced stages of construction and occupancy, with the desire to create a meeting point and connection.


One hundred eighty nozzles aimed at one point in a spiral wound structure. The meeting of the water creates a spectacular changing show.

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The whole process took about 18 months. It was a long journey of total design, which included detailed planning for the concrete structure of the water system room, underground service tunnel, coordination, and field supervision of the entire installation and construction process.


In addition, the fountain sculpture was the studio’s responsibility in a turnkey contract, And designed, manufactured, and installed with the help of subcontractors.


The realization of the project was thanks to cooperation with the infrastructure contractor – Galnor Building and Development and Gal Hadar – a Quality factory specializing in complex stainless steel works.

Structural engineers Yacov Livni and Gidon Krantz

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